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Re-thinking crypto transaction priorities

2017-09-19 Bitcoin cash
There is an air of oppression that lifted in the Bitcoin Cash ranks. This is still something we are getting used to, but the change is clear and the benefits are slowly being realized. We used to live with the people that want to forever have 1MB blocks and are still fighting against even a little increase on the SegWit2X chain. Those people were toxic, yes. But what is more important is that their ways of thinking affected everything about Bitcoin, and many times not for the better. Continue reading

Dear Bitcoin Cash: Good news, Fees Will not Rise

2017-08-08 bitcoin cash
In a recent unparalleled action, Blockstream employee and thus Bitcoin core dev Rusty Russel admitted that in their strategy Bitcoin fees, unlike Bitcoin Cash fees, will continue to rise. Bitcoin Cash, or to be more honest, Bitcoin-as-originally-designed is a decentralised system. To really know if a transaction is valid you need to know every transaction that fed into it is valid. You can always retrace a chain of transactions to the point where the coins were originally mined. Continue reading