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Flowee just got easier to build

2018-02-14 bitcoin-cash flowee
Flowee is about helping creators to connect to Bitcoin (BCH). In today’s world we still are missing a lot of very useful components which allow us to integrate Bitcoin into every day life. Creators are the ones coming in and building those solutions. Today I finished a little project (took me almost a week) to upgrade the Flowee the Hub git repository so it can be build using cmake. An action taken after having seen too many people fail at the building step. Continue reading

Keeping Bitcoin Classic Quality

When I first started working with Bitcoin, a couple of years ago, I tried to find out how to contribute code and to understand the Quality Assurance policies they held. At this time I naturally was talking to people from the Bitcoin Core group, and the answers I got were quite confusing to me. After having worked in the software industry for 20 years I had become very reliant on good quality assurance policies. Continue reading