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Deep reorgs protection

2018-11-23 Bitcoin Cash
Before I started working with Bitcoin I had worked in a Fintech company that built tools for traders. When I first got there the IT team was very proud of the stability of the platform. I asked how they did maintenance and the answer was: after market close. Which is when I learned that most of the financial tech had to keep their systems up only about 10 hours every day. Continue reading

Flowee just got easier to build

2018-02-14 bitcoin-cash flowee
Flowee is about helping creators to connect to Bitcoin (BCH). In today’s world we still are missing a lot of very useful components which allow us to integrate Bitcoin into every day life. Creators are the ones coming in and building those solutions. Today I finished a little project (took me almost a week) to upgrade the Flowee the Hub git repository so it can be build using cmake. An action taken after having seen too many people fail at the building step. Continue reading

Fundamentals of BTC and BCH

2017-11-09 bitcoin bitcoin cash
In a surprise move yesterday the BitPay CEO Stephen Pair blogged and urged the miners to cancel the hardfork scheduled to happen for the Bitcoin SegWit chain. A large group of miners agreed and we will likely not see 2MB blocks on the Bitcoin-Segwit chain. This is almost 3 months after SegWit was activated in what was promised to be a trade between different groups of stakeholders. The problem that was attempted to be solved was one of growth. Continue reading

Increasing Merchant Adoption of Bitcoin Cash

2017-09-14 bitcoin bitcoin cash
When Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash split, we made sure that there was no possibility of user losing money because their BCC transactions would somehow be valid on the BTC chain. Or vice versa. This has done great things for the trust people have in the chain. Shortly after Bitcoin Cash started (Aug 1st), some merchants came and realized we missed one important usecase. The payment protocol. We soon fixed that too. Continue reading

Dear Bitcoin Cash: Good news, Fees Will not Rise

2017-08-08 bitcoin cash
In a recent unparalleled action, Blockstream employee and thus Bitcoin core dev Rusty Russel admitted that in their strategy Bitcoin fees, unlike Bitcoin Cash fees, will continue to rise. Bitcoin Cash, or to be more honest, Bitcoin-as-originally-designed is a decentralised system. To really know if a transaction is valid you need to know every transaction that fed into it is valid. You can always retrace a chain of transactions to the point where the coins were originally mined. Continue reading

Bitcoin Cash Migration Strategy

2017-08-01 Bitcoin cash
The last week has been very wild, very long days and great code being churned out. Sometimes the unit tests objected to that latter part, but all is fine again today. After shipping Bitcoin Classic 1.3.0 and 1.3.1 with substantial changes in each, please notice the 1.3.2 release is just out. This finalizes the features needed in the short term for migrating people from the current state to the state where there are two coins. Continue reading