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Flowee just got easier to build

2018-02-14 bitcoin-cash flowee

Flowee is about helping creators to connect to Bitcoin (BCH). In today’s world we still are missing a lot of very useful components which allow us to integrate Bitcoin into every day life. Creators are the ones coming in and building those solutions.

Today I finished a little project (took me almost a week) to upgrade the Flowee the Hub git repository so it can be build using cmake. An action taken after having seen too many people fail at the building step. Because cmake is a well known system it is supported on many IDEs and as such most developers never need to leave their GUI in order to build the software.

Additionally I reorganised the directories lifting out the fact that we have several libraries that are meant to be reusable for other applications. One good example of this is the “NetworkManager” which is probably one of the most powerful components for super fast connectivity to the hub and the relevant Bitcoin data (like blocks, addresses and transactions).