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On the path to Freedom of innovation (2)

2017-12-05 Bitcoin cash flowee
I wrote some days ago about the creation, investment, rentier triple of how people can earn money (here). The first two create value for those people. A gain seen not just by those that do the work. Should someone invent a better device, and then an investor comes along to mass produce it, we can all get access to something new for a good price. Everyone gets richer by having an open market and plenty of creators and investors. Continue reading

On the path to Freedom of innovation

2017-11-28 Bitcoin cash flowee
Where do I want to go? I’ve been asking myself. To answer where, I would need to know why, I thought. Why am I interested in Bitcoin in the first place? It has to do with socio-economics. Let me explain. It is generally recognised that there are 3 ways to earn money. The first is to create wealth. This is the most obvious one and most corporations do this, they create things people want. Continue reading

Basics of open source license attribution

In free and open source software we use a neat little trick of abusing copyright for exactly the opposite as what it was intended. In today’s world a software developer writing code will be eligible for copyright protection on that code. (S)he doesn’t have to do anything for it, copy right is a right automatically granted for all content creators. This means that all content created can not by copied by others without the authors written permission. Continue reading

Bitcoin Classic Closing its doors

Bitcoin Classic was started in early 2016 with the clear intention of coming back to the coin that Satoshi indicated as his goal. Now this goal has been reached we will step down. When Classic started, the decision was to go for the lowest possible upgrade from 1 MB to 2 MB. It would avoid any technical complications and would lower the bar so far that we could not logically go any lower. Continue reading

Fundamentals of BTC and BCH

2017-11-09 bitcoin bitcoin cash
In a surprise move yesterday the BitPay CEO Stephen Pair blogged and urged the miners to cancel the hardfork scheduled to happen for the Bitcoin SegWit chain. A large group of miners agreed and we will likely not see 2MB blocks on the Bitcoin-Segwit chain. This is almost 3 months after SegWit was activated in what was promised to be a trade between different groups of stakeholders. The problem that was attempted to be solved was one of growth. Continue reading

A roadmap for scaling Bitcoin Cash

2017-11-02 bitcoin cash
I have been measuring the performance and optimising it for over a 2 years now, when I first looked we had 368 million transactions a day. Today with better software and faster hardware we are closer to a 900 million a day. This means that today, the software on modern hardware has a peak-performance in ideal situations which is about equal to Visa peak levels 10 years ago. These numbers are not sustainable because of various reasons. Continue reading

Re-thinking crypto transaction priorities

2017-09-19 Bitcoin cash
There is an air of oppression that lifted in the Bitcoin Cash ranks. This is still something we are getting used to, but the change is clear and the benefits are slowly being realized. We used to live with the people that want to forever have 1MB blocks and are still fighting against even a little increase on the SegWit2X chain. Those people were toxic, yes. But what is more important is that their ways of thinking affected everything about Bitcoin, and many times not for the better. Continue reading
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